Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Representin' for Philly...

Following the precedent of Sharpton and Snoop Dogg, *I* can talk trash about Philly...but out-of-staters may not. It's just how it works. Sure, we might have mind-boggling homicide rates, but unless you're in NYC or LA...we definitely have better shopping and restaurants than you (and, truth be told, I think our restaurants are better than New York's). And unless you're from DC, we have way more history...

I recognize that Philly has some problems (it's been under Democrat/Labor Union rule for some 35+ years -what can you expect?), but we have some great revitalization programs going on and there are tons of great things to see/do here.

Why do I bring this up? Because ungrateful Big Easy Mayor Ray Nagin had some nasty things to say after his recent visit to Philly to ask for our help:

"...Let me tell you something. You ought to go to Philly and you will appreciate how clean New Orleans is. Just go and walk around Philly a little bit and you will appreciate. Am I lying? You will appreciate New Orleans. We still have some work to do but we definitely beat them by a long shot," Nagin said Saturday to a crowd of New Orleans residents concerned about the city's recovery after Hurricane Katrina.

Laughter and applause broke out and then he continued:

" . . . We still have some work to do but we definitely beat them by a long shot."

Nagin made the controversial remarks following his visit Philadelphia to learn about the city's efforts to demolish blighted buildings, replacing them with new developments. During his stay he thanked the city for helping house displaced New Orleans residents.

"To all the people of Philadelphia, we thank you; we applaud you, Thank you for all you have done," Nagin said last Thursday." (source1, source2)

Little two-faced weasel.

I guess Nagin has never been to NYC, which I love but makes Philly look spotless... Of course now he's trying to apologize...saying "he didn't mean any disrespect."

I'd like to believe that even our terrible Mayor Street would have put people on those school buses...

(H/T: Liz)

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