Thursday, April 19, 2007

Partial Birth Ban Upheld by SCOTUS

"Beyond the pale of barbarism" is how Britt Hume described the practice of crushing a baby's skull and sucking out its brains.

It's definitely a "procedure" that we would expect to read about in some third world country and not in these United States of America...a country chock-full of self-proclaimed humanitarians.

First, I want to say that no matter how disappointed you are with President Bush...THIS is what Presidential elections are really about. Supreme Court nominees. The next President will most likely get to monimate one or two --making 2008 just as important as 2004 --and adding another reason to the growing list against Giuliani.

But don't make the mistake of putting this solidly in the "Win" column for the unborn child...this only passed because there are still other ways an almost-term baby can be terminated. Unfortunately for the fetuses, these methods are almost as barbaric, but are done on the inside instead of partially out.

I've said it a thousand times, but I don't understand how even the most feral of abortion advocates could fight for this method of "termination". The American Medical Society has concluded there isn't an instance were this is necessary and Planned Parenthood validities that assessment by failing to produce one case were this saved the life of the mother. The morning after pill is now available OTC --leaving no excuse for this.

Even though this isn't an across the board victory, it's a step in the right direction. Hopefully this will put George Tiller out of business. Who are we as a society if we can't even protect the most innocent and helpless among us?

**Some reactions to the ruling: Hillary, Obama, Brownback, etc.

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