Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Neighbor From Hell Outer Space?

We've read stories about lots of people that would qualify as "worst neighbor", but I think Barney Vincelette of Houston has many of them beat.

His autism makes him extremely sensitive to he's compared it to "being raped" and declared war against it.

Aside from the fact that he lives in a UFO (nice way to bring down his neighbors' property value) he "develop[ed] a makeshift device that uses electromagnetic waves to temporarily jam the circuitry of his neighbors' stereos."

"Vincelette is so sensitive to noise that he's gone as far as shooting and killing a dog that barked nonstop outside his apartment. He paid a $100 fine and was evicted."

His thoughts on music:

"It is the same way someone would feel if they were sprinkled with urine in their face," he said. "It's a feeling of rage from being violated."

"The fanaticism of the junk culture and its forms is so extremist in its music that it forces everyone to live and hear their music," he said. "It makes al-Qaida look like the Unitarian Church." (source)

Lucky for everyone that would be involved this man doesn't live next door to us... Last summer The Man installed an outdoor sound system and has a propensity for laying in the hammock with the music loud. If some dude, genius or not, disabled his system with microwaves --there would be a full-on world-class feud.

(That is the actual picture...)

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