Friday, April 13, 2007

More Weirdness From the United Nations...

"Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asked New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday whether some of the city's police officers could be deployed with U.N. peacekeeping missions.
Recruiting police for the U.N.'s 16 peacekeeping missions around the globe has been historically challenging.

"New York City has one of the most diversified police forces around and I think the secretary-general would like to explore possibilities," U.N. deputy spokeswoman Marie Okabe said before the meeting. "Getting police to join peacekeeping operations is one of the high priorities for the U.N."

Bloomberg left the meeting without speaking to reporters. Stu Loeser, the mayor's spokesman, said his office had no comment." (source)

Aside from the sheer lunacy surrounding the notion of sending street cops to foreign countries, I know for a fact the NYPD will be recruiting here in Philly in the next month. If they are already having trouble luring potential officers, I can't imagine the possibility of being shipped of to the Sudan would be a selling point.

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