Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Men Should Fear the Menopause"

"...Some 65 per cent of divorces after the age of 50 are instigated by women.

Are these women just growing weary of husbands who, like Chris Tarrant, decide that this is the time to rediscover their youth?

Well, not according to a new book by an American psychiatrist, Louann Brizendine. She offers a surprising and controversial scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

In short, women are not running away, but taking control of their lives when they walk out on their marriages - often for the first time in their adult lives. And, intriguingly, it’s all down to their hormones.

In her book, The Female Brain, she concludes that men looking forward to retirement with a plump, comfortable and compliant wife are in for a nasty shock.
This is because their post-menopausal partners suffer a slump in those hormones which gave them nurturing and caring characteristics as mothers.

What a dastardly evolutionary trick that at the very moment we can no longer have children, our mothering - and thus to a large degree wifely - instincts are chemically turned off.

The result? All those women walking out on husbands and home for a brave new life of their own..." (Read the entire article)

After reading this I was wondering if men would be that upset if their hormone-crazed wife decided to split... Jokingly I think most men would say they would relish the idea, but truthfully how many older men have you seen fall ill and pass away shortly after their wife does? The same can not be said for women. They normally live on long after their mate dies. It would seem that in the "golden years" they do need us much more than we need them.

Let this serve as fair warning for you younger husbands. Lay the positive groundwork now so your wife doesn't go get herself an Ashton when you need her most...

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