Friday, April 27, 2007

Memorial to a Terrorist in Oklahoma

Remember Joel Henry Hinrichs III's, the recent Muslim convert that "committed suicide" by blowing himself up right outside OU's Football stadium? The kid that had already been under investigation (before blowing himself up) for attempting to purchase ammonium nitrate?

"...The father of a University of Oklahoma student who died after a homemade explosive he was carrying detonated near a packed football stadium said the placement of a memorial to the young man on campus wasn't his idea.

A football fan attending OU's Red-White game on April 7 spotted a stone paver outside the student union with Joel Henry Hinrichs III's name on it.

"I was just kind of horrified," Jenny Clemons told The Oklahoman. "I don't think he has any business being out here."

The school's student affairs division arranged to have the stone placed, an OU alumni affairs employee said. Families pay for such memorials, which cost about $150, officials said, but Hinrichs' father told the newspaper the school offered to place the stone and never billed him..." (source)

"There are about 30,000 suicides in America, unfortunately, every year. And you can go back a decade, and you will not find a single one of those suicides who blew themselves up in proximity, close proximity, to 84,000 people at a football game." -Mark Tapscott, The Heritage Foundation.

What possible reason would the University even allow the memorial, let alone foot the bill for it...?

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