Thursday, April 12, 2007

Iran, Syria and the Joke of a UN

Today is the day of crazier than fiction stories...

"...On April 9, 2007 there was a United Nations believe-it-or-not moment extraordinaire. At the same time that Iran’s President Ahmadinejad declared his country was now capable of industrial-scale uranium enrichment, the U.N. reelected Iran as a vice chairman of the U.N. Disarmament Commission.

...the very U.N. body charged with promoting nuclear nonproliferation installed in a senior position the state that the Security Council recently declared violated its nonproliferation resolutions.

So in Iran at the Natanz nuclear facility Ahmadinejad gloated: “With great pride, I announce as of today our dear country is among the countries of the world that produces nuclear fuel on an industrial scale.” And in New York, courtesy of his U.N. platform, Iranian Disarmament Vice-Chairman Seyed Mohammad Ali Robatjazi railed against “noncompliance with the NPT [nuclear nonproliferation treaty] by the United States” and “the Zionist lobby.” (You must read the entire article)

Can all the people that were holding onto the arcane idea that the United Nations is built on altruism or retains any relevance please admit that this has become a bad Saturday Night Live sketch...?! Or should I just give up? USA out of the UN --and then UN out of the USA! And take all your law breaking, raping, non-ticket paying diplomats with you!

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