Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hunter Calls for Reid's Resignation...

"...WASHINGTON — The ranking Republican in the House Armed Services Committee called on House Majority Leader Harry Reid to resign Wednesday over his declaration that the Iraq war is "lost."

Rep. Duncan Hunter — a 2008 presidential candidate — wrote in a letter that Reid's comments "can have no effect but to demoralize the brave men and women, who are honorably fulfilling their mission in Iraq, and to encourage our adversaries."

"Even if you sincerely believe it to be true, your pronouncement of failure will undoubtedly be used by terrorist leaders to rally their followers — inevitably leading to increased attacks on U.S. and coalition forces," Hunter wrote..." (source)

I know it's impossible to do, but putting politics aside...It seems very, very wrong to have someone at this level of power and influence proclaiming a loss when there are still so many men and women in theater. I can't decide if he really feels this way or if this is gearing up political support for '08. Everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinion, but to publicize that opinion as a spokesperson of the people to be broadcast on al Jezerra ad naseum seems quite counterproductive and sort of like creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Obviously he will never acquiesce to stepping down, but he should be required to make a trip to Iraq (outside the Green Zone) to speak candidly with the boots on the ground and tell them they are failing to their faces...

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