Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day...

I thought on this Earth Day 2007 I would address the much-touted hatred of the Earth and environment by the maniacal, and yet somehow still stupid, George W. Bush. The left is always saying how Bush turns his back on anything Green because he's an oil man from an oil state with lots of oil-rich donors, but is that really the case? Let's look to historical facts and an article written by a Bush-hater for the answer...

We already know that Bush's home in Crawford, Texas is WAY more earth-friendly than Al Gore's mansion, but what we may not know is that Bush was the brains behind the WIND ENERGY success in 1996. YEARS before AL Gore decided to tell us his Inconvenient Truths.

Would this be the same Wind Energy that Teddy Kennedy didn't want near his home because saving the environment wasn't aesthetically pleasing enough for him?

An oil-rich state that produces more wind-energy than other state...and initiated by none other than, enemy of the left, George W. Bush. Hmmm, why haven't we read about this over at HuffPo?

"...Pat Wood, a friend of the president, was chairman of Texas’s Public Utility Commission when the push for wind energy started.

“At the end of a meeting on transmission policy in mid-1996,” he recalled, “I was on my way out the door of the governor’s office, when Governor Bush said to me, ‘Pat, we like wind.’ He was at his desk. I said, ‘We what?’ He said: ‘You heard me. Go get smart on wind.’ ”

Mr. Wood, his fellow commissioners and the Texasutilities did just that. They conducted polls and were stunned by the results: Texas electricity customers were ready to pay a little extra to get more clean renewable energy. So Mr. Bush instructed Mr. Wood to work on wind with the utilities and the environmentalists. Together, they created the Texas Renewable Portfolio Mandate, which Mr. Bush got passed by the Texas Legislature in 1999, as part of a power competition bill. The mandate stipulated that Texas power companies had to produce 2,000 new megawatts of electricity from renewables, mostly wind, by 2009.

What happened? A dozen new companies jumped into the Texas market and built wind turbines to meet the mandate — so many that the 2,000-megawatt goal was reached in 2005. So now the Texas Legislature has upped the mandate to 5,000 megawatts by 2015. Everyone knows they’ll beat that, too, because all this investment has driven
down the costs and made wind power in Texas competitive with clean coal, nuclear and natural gas, even without the temporary tax break. Mr. Wood says he thinks Texas could be producing 15 percent of all its energy from renewables by 2015." (source)

Couple this with the news that Wal-mart is leading the way "going green" in big business and what will the Kucinich-ites do this Earth Day...maybe they should head down to Nashville and ask Gore why the "evil Republican" is using reclaimed water and geothermal heating and cooling...while he is using 20 times more than the average American...

Ponder that this Earth Day...Bush's ACTIONS as opposed to Gore's WORDS. I realize Gore is a windbag, but that doesn't count...he's releasing carbon dioxide every time he bloviates.

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