Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gore's "Shadow" Campaign Team

I know I may regret saying this, but I really want the 2008 presidential race to be Alpocrisy Gore VS. Fred D. Thompson. What an exciting race...! Someone once said to me that when it comes to political thinking in the American, "once a loser always a loser" --if that's true, that covers both Gore and McCain.

The Telegraph is reporting that Gore's "people", hoping to capitalize on those that think he really is the President and his recent Academy Award, is putting together a "shadow" campaign. Gorinators believe that Hillary is a lock for the nomination, but won't be able to pull of the general election and hope Al can save the day.

"...One of his former campaign team said: "I was asked whether I would be available towards the end of the year if I am needed. They know he has not ruled out running and if he decides to jump in, he will have to move very fast.

"He hasn't asked them to do this, but nor has he told them not to."

In an interview on Thursday, which touched on the prospects for next year's presidential election, Mr Clinton commented: "You've got the prospect that Vice-President Gore might run."

Many of [Kerry's] leading advisers have yet to align themselves with any of the other candidates. They were expected to join the campaign of Sen Edwards, who was Sen Kerry's running mate last time.

The former aide, who has himself signed up with Sen Edwards, said: "The question is: where have all the Kerry people gone? The answer for most of them is nowhere. Now ask yourself why." (source)

Gore definitely provides me with the most PhotoShop fun for '08...

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