Thursday, April 19, 2007

Direct TV Hires Charlie Sheen

I've posted a few times about Charlie Sheen's Bush-Orchestrated-9/11 antics. I didn't even realize he was still a working actor (aside from collaborating with Rosie O'Donnell on the upcoming Blame-Bush-Cheney-Haliburton-for-9/11 "documentary"). It seems he does have a sitcom right now (and according to a settlement he recently made, one that he stole the idea from a former friend to "create").

"Hotshots!" was one of only two movies where I actually left the theater (Sorry to all the many fans but "Chariots of Fire" was the other --I opted to play Centipede in the lobby).

Apparently Charlie's new the-government-did-it philosophy didn't hinder Direct TV from hiring Sheen for their new ad. The ad has him in his "Major League" costume. I guess that's pretty satisfying to me that he had to play a character from 1989 to get a little cash...

Even Bill Maher thinks Charlie is a nutbag... And here's a little insight into the Sheen/Estevez brother's personal emails to journalists that don't like them...

I would link the ad but I can't find it online. I just saw it for the first time yesterday morning.

I would say ditch Direct TV and let them know what you think of them hiring this loser, but does anyone even have Direct TV? I'm wondering myself if I have a point here... I guess, once again, that we see the disparity in the media. Can you imagine the uproar and outrage if AOL or Comcast had Ann Coulter, Michael Savage or even Michelle Malkin do an ad for them? Yet, no a word about kooky Sheen being hired by a major company... Libs got tons of Ann’s advertising pulled after her Edwards’ remark…Despite the stereotypes; obviously Conservatives are way too laid back. We complain about inequality, but do nothing about it.

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