Friday, April 13, 2007

Christians and Catholics Riot in the Streets...

...burning government buildings, demanding apologies and calling for the Blue Earth County Jail in Minnesota to be closed forever.

Oh, wait...wrong religion. They're not doing that at all.

"...A jail guard has been suspended after allegedly thumping an inmate with a Bible.

James Lee Sheppard, 56, has been charged with two gross misdemeanors for allegedly swatting a Blue Earth County Jail inmate with the book, grabbing him by the throat and slamming him against steel bars on Feb. 8, according to the criminal complaint.

A video shows a guard entering the cell of inmate Jeremy Hansen, 26. The guard then takes Hansen's Bible and strikes him in the side of the face with the book. The two exchange words as the guard walks away, said Mankato Police Officer Allen Schmidt who watched the video..." (source)

The Holy Bible used as a paddle? The Living Word of God? Where are the signs? The burning effigies? The outrage? The lunacy?

That's right, we know that even if we believe it contains the Word of's a BOOK that was printed on paper by men.

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