Monday, April 23, 2007

Chavez: Delusions of Grandeur

Hugo Chavez plans a 21st century "social revolution" by arming civilian groups against the coming attack by the United States...?

"...Gen Alberto Mueller, an advisor to Mr Chávez, told The Sunday Telegraph: "Some communal groups have already received military training. They'll train in their own neighbourhoods and will be equipped with any arms - guns, grenades, knifes - the community can provide. We have a right to defend ourselves, like the UK has, and be sure we'll do it."

The move has caused alarm among Mr Chávez's critics, who claim the groups will be used to repress internal dissent. They point out that, unlike Venezuela's military reservists, the communal councils come under Mr Chávez's direct control, including the appointments of their oversight committees and allocation of funding.

By the time they have been trained and armed, they will also be ready to defend Venezuela against outside interference, including the US invasion that Mr Chávez says he expects..." (source)

I honestly believe this dude is bipolar. A bipolar Communist dictator. Now there's a case study I'd like to read.

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