Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Calls For Further Haditha Investigations...

"...Attorneys for the highest-ranking man charged with wrongdoing arising out of the slaying of 24 Iraqi civilians in 2005 are asking Navy Secretary Donald Winter to conduct an investigation of how his agents treated Marine witnesses and suspects.

"There are disturbing reports that American servicemen were treated like POWs by their own government," said Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center, a Michigan group defending Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani. "This entire investigation has been nothing but a political witch hunt instigated by insurgent propaganda operatives, anti-war media and anti-war politicians."

Brian Rooney, an attorney for Chessani, said a letter was sent to Winter today asking for the investigation.

The way the civilian law enforcement agents conducted the probe was like "having the verdict first and the trial second," Rooney said during a telephone interview Tuesday morning.

Leaks and investigative documents throughout the Haditha probe combined with the tactics of investigators pose significant hurdles for attorneys, he added.

"The defense of any of the clients is very difficult and it doesn't help when the interrogation techniques used by NCIS are not proper," Rooney said during a telephone interview. "I was always told by NCIS that they didn't take sides but that's not what happened in this case."

Chessani's attorneys, they say that many of the witnesses said the questioning was accusatorial, confrontational and insulting.

"One officer stated that agents yelled and threw things at him during his questioning," a release from the Thomas More Law Center states. "Witnesses believed that the agents had already concluded that there was wrongdoing and were not interested in information that would tend to exonerate the Marines." (Read the entire story)

It really bugs me that people that have never been in a combat situation with bullets whizzing by them have any inclination to judge the instinctual reactions of those that are...

You can hear a live interview with three of the Pendelton 8 families tonight at 10pm EST at Blog Talk Radio.

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