Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Freed Brits Sell Their Stories

Am I alone in not caring at all that the recently-released British hostages are allowed to sell their stories?

"Mrs Turney is likely to make at least £100,000 from deals with The Sun newspaper and ITV's Tonight with Trevor McDonald. Sailor Arthur Batchelor, 20, sold his account to the Daily Mirror for an undisclosed fee. In her interview with Sir Trevor, broadcast last night, Mrs Turney promised that 'a percentage' of her fee would go to the crew of her ship, HMS Cornwall, adding: "I want everyone out there to know my story from my side, to see what I went through."

But Major General Patrick Cordingly, who commanded the Desert Rats during the 1991 Gulf War, accused the MoD of 'using' the sailors and Marines in the propaganda battle with Iran. Former Defense Secretaries Lord Heseltine and Sir Malcolm Rifkind both described the position as 'appalling'." (source)

Maybe some of you will point out reasons I should be outraged... But in the meantime, I can't help but thinking how scared the hostages were --and how paltry a salary military personnel make. If people are willing to pay for the stories and the story-tellers keep it honest, well, why not? Litigious Americans sue anyone around for millions in tons of frivolous suits, so why not let these Sailors and Marines be compensated for their real pain and suffering at the private sector's expense?

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