Thursday, March 01, 2007

Would You Eat Your Lunch in a Mall Bathroom...

I won't even pee in a public restroom in a mall, let alone eat my lunch in there... But that's what many people expect (not fully inoculated) infants to do.

"Leigh Bellini said in the past she’s received stares and some rude looks, but never before had she gotten into a confrontation over breastfeeding. “I thought it was the most natural thing in the world. I can’t imagine that somebody would complain,” said Bellini.

But someone did complain when Bellini fed her baby at the Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing on Saturday. Bellini said she stopped to feed her son, Enzo, after a day of shopping with her family. She said that she found a bench under a tree and put her stroller in front of her when security approached, and asked her to cover her son with a blanket.

“Nobody could see anything. There wasn’t one (part) of my breast showing,” said Bellini.

Her husband, Tony, said the situation got ugly when [the security guard] suggested that she feed their son in a public restroom or the car, which they refused to do. “They threatened to call the police on us. Or have us physically removed by the police department,” he said. Tony Bellini said they even threatened to have the couple banned from the mall permanently." (source)

God I wish that would have been me....that rent-a-cop would have rued the day he was born... I wasn't the only one steaming when this story started to spread. On Saturday hundreds of people turned out to support Leigh Bellini. They staged a "nurse in" in the mall's center court.

"Berkshire Mall has no specific policy against breastfeeding in public. Protestors fear that having no policy could cause more problems for nursing mothers." (source)

I've said it before, but I guess it bears repeating...women don't have boobs to sell Maxim magazine --or even for their man's edification. They have them to FEED THEIR OFFSPRING. End of story. Common sense would dictate that since milk fills the breasts after one gives birth...that's their purpose. It's a nice bonus that men are attracted to them, but to penalize women for utilizing their biological purpose is beyond asinine. If you're offended...grow the hell up. ...And I am not a litigious person, but on principal she should sue the hell out of that mall.

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