Friday, March 02, 2007

Worst Principal Ever

And the Award goes to: John Acerra, Principal of the Nitschmann Middle School in Bethlehem, PA.

The fifty year old man was found in his school office naked and watching gay porn with sex toys at the ready. Bizarre, well hold gets worse...

The reason they caught him in this compromising position (literally) is because he had agreed to sell meth to a police informant and they raided his office "minutes later". He was selling crystal meth out of his school office! Naked. With gay porn and dildos...

"...Principal John Acerra walked the hallways at Nitschmann Middle School joking with students or calling them by their nicknames, he appeared to be the coolest principal in the Bethlehem Area School District.

Clad in a smartly tailored suit and black turtleneck sweater, he exhibited a warm, funny demeanor and was more likely to give a lesson than a punishment to a student who had gotten into trouble.

His bosses considered him visionary, students saw him as a friend, and parents could tell he cared about their children.

Despite his $97,667 principal's salary, John Acerra lives on Chestnut Street in Allentown, along a row of mostly dilapidated homes and vacant apartments rife with boarded-up windows and doors. Acerra's own residence at 832 Chestnut has what appears to be bullet holes in the windows." (source)

"Police said there was no proof that Acerra was selling drugs to students, and an informant said he sold to them from his school office on weekends and after school hours sometimes." (source)

This is what really bothered me about the story:
"people who worked with him ý including some of his friends ý weren't surprised that the kind, free spirit they knew was arrested Tuesday night in his school office on charges of selling crystal methamphetamine to a police informant, said Karen Dolan, a district teacher who spent 11 years at Nitschmann.

Over the past five years, the times he arrived hours late for school, missed school altogether, kept himself hidden behind the frequently locked office door or showed up at school activities dressed like a teenager all pointed to a life in free-fall, said Dolan, who is also a Bethlehem councilwoman."

So why didn't anyone say or do anything? This wasn't the janitor of the was the principal in charge of hundreds of children...

Given all that's seems to be escalating lately (stories like this one and the teachers having sex with young boys): I believe anyone working with children (especially those in high leadership positions), school boards need to incorporate mandatory psychological evaluations (like they do for police/military applicants) in addition to the criminal and child abuse background checks...

I guess SF Mayor Gavin Newsom would be proud of this guy...

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