Friday, March 02, 2007

Who Do You Look Like...?

Almost all journalists have a byline with a small picture. That's because people are innately curious and like to know who they're "talking to"... Because many Bloggers and commenters (especially political ones) want to maintain anonymity, they forgo posting pictures of themselves.

But the downside of that is we have no idea who we are "talking to"...

So, today everyone must divulge the people they've been told they look like. I realize it can really cover a wide range...but give us a few.

The Man gets told he looks like Cal Ripkin Jr. (<-- he does), Nicolas Cage and Harry Connick Jr.

When I was younger I always got Christina Applegate. I've gotten Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffin, and Elisha Cuthbert (<-- I wish). I think when you have blonde hair, everyone just says you look like every blonde...

So who have people told you that you look like...? Do tell.

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