Monday, March 05, 2007

Who Are These "Conservatives"?!

If we are to believe a new article in the NY Post, conservatives aren't all that upset with Rudy Giuliani’s anti-gun, pro-abortion and pro-illegal immigrations positions...they're upset he dressed up like Marilyn Monroe.

"...A whisper campaign targeting the front-running GOP White House contender's cross-dressing stunts at gala political dinners in New York and on "Saturday Night Live" was the hot topic among right-leaning activists.

"A lot of people are talking about it. It's not respectable. They use it as a way to highlight all of his other shortcomings," Las Vegas conservative Bruce Feher told The Post." (source)

Are you kidding me? Mr. Tough on Terror is okay with illegals flooding our borders...he's still a pro-abort despite the morning after pill being available AND he's no friend of the 2nd amendment --Yet the biggest problem is he donned a dress?

Listen, I doubt I'd vote for Giuliani. I thought I could before I started digging into some of his less publicized opinions. But let's eliminate him for the relevant reasons and not some contrived homophobic bullshit. This is serious business and I hate to see it made a mockery.

If this is how the primary process is going to go...these people deserve Hillary.

P.S. On the advice of some here, I did read through Duncan Hunter's voting record...and it is near perfect.

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