Friday, March 16, 2007

What You Want That You Don't Have...

A few teachers have recommended that I purchase a "classroom life-saver" book called "The Book of Questions" by Gregory Stock. Apparently many teachers use this to prompt discussions or as essay fodder.

We'll do the same...and the question for the day is:

"If you could wake up tomorrow having acquired one new skill/talent...what would it be?"

I am one of those Jack of all trades and master of none people...I can dabble in pretty much anything EXCEPT singing. My singing voice is just terrible and this causes difficulty for those around me because I love to sing. I would be one of those people that Howard Stern would have played the howling dog tape over...

So if I could wake up with a new skill, that would most definitely be it. I want to be able to sing along with Journey without seeing The Man grimace... ;)

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