Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What Critics in the GOP Are Saying About Thompson '08

"...There is, however, another theory circulating about Thompson, one being floated by critics of the Tennessean. Some Republican insiders suspect that Thompson, who makes no effort to hide his close friendship with McCain, instead might be working a behind-the-scenes, McCain-orchestrated strategy to build support among conservatives for the Arizonan.

According to this theory, Thompson – who backed McCain in the 2000 presidential primary race – would build support and anticipation among conservatives for his own campaign, and then abruptly direct them instead to McCain's camp.

Sources note that Thompson and McCain had an extensive telephone conversation on March 9, just two days before Thompson discussed his presidential ambitions on "Fox News Sunday." And both camps have worked hard to keep the substance of that conversation private.

Whether or not he runs, Thompson might benefit McCain, if only because he appears to be slowing the momentum enjoyed recently by McCain's two main rivals, Giuliani and Romney, among conservatives..." (source)

A few things here...First off the media and the Beltway inhabitants need to stop crediting Washington insiders for this FDT movement. This wasn't some plot concocted in DC, this was and is a grassroots movement. Even if there are big-wigs encouraging Thompson to run now, it's because they've seen they'd have the support they need. This movement did not start with "buzz" at Conservative Political Action Convention...it started online.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's point out the "group think" in D.C... Just because K Street likes McCain or Romney personally and have been foolish enough to officially endorse someone before all the candidates are declared --don't sabotage who the people want. You tried in '96 with Dole and WE LOST. The Dems tried it in '04 with Kerry and THEY LOST. The electorate needs to be excited about their candidate or a loss is all but guaranteed.

This sentiment was put best on Alarming News, "We should be falling in love...not in line".

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