Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Was McCarthy Right?

"...The Communist Party USA has donated a vast collection of its photographs and documents, including smuggled directives from Moscow, to New York University.

It will take years to catalog and include the collection, which also has original founding papers, personal letters and secret code words, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

NYU said the documents have never been made public before.

The archives will be kept at the university's Tamiment Library, which describes itself as a global center for "scholarly research on labor and the Left."

NYU issued a statement calling the archives "among the most important ones in the United States documenting the history of the American Left."

Michael Nash, director of the Tamiment Library, told the Times that the cache opens up new areas for research beyond the homegrown threat to security during the Cold War..." (source)

Maybe we'll finally see if Joe McCarthy was spot on with his "list"... And find documents about Ethel and Julius Rosenberg...

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