Monday, March 05, 2007

U-G-L-Y You Aint Got No Alibi...

...You're ugly. Ugh. You're ugly.

Remember your high school cheerleaders antagonizing the other team with that cheer? The taunting, the booing, the screaming and cheering are all a part of sports. That's why people go. Case in point: NHL attendance dropping after the no-fighting ban. Here in America we don't run with the bulls or have public hangings, but we do take our sports seriously.

That could all change:

"The organization that oversees high school sports in Washington is considering more specific rules for fans that could ban booing and offensive chants.

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association is drafting guidelines to crack down on negative conduct.

The association director Mike Colbrese blames rude fans for the dwindling number of people who want to be coaches and officials.

He says the guidelines will remind fans to cheer for their team, not against the other." (source)

No tag, no dodgeball, no sledding, no Pizza Hut Book It, no Jesus costumes, no "un-healthy" snacks, no peanut butter, no Pokemon cards, no Heelys, no "religious" jewelry...

Yeah, I'm on a free speech kick. I don't relish living under Kremlin or Sharia legislation.

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