Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This is the Song That Never Ends, It Just Goes On and On My Friend...

The verdict came in yesterday: Dick Cheney's former Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby, guilty on four counts against him.

I'm not even sure what to write as I could go on about this topic for HOURS.

First, as you see from this brilliant commenter over at the Democratic Underground (the DUmmies -as the Freepers call them), some people think this conviction has to do with Valerie Plame - IT DOESN'T. It's about lying to investigators:

"Hooray ! Now Cheney should be indicted for treason for outing Plame. Jr. too." (DU)

Then we had the head Kos kid chime in:

"So let me get this straight -- according to conservatives, lying about a blow job was an impeachable offense, but lying about outing a CIA agent focused on the Iranian nuclear program is much ado about nothing? Okay, got it." (Kos)

I think he's mixing things up --for how many years did we hear that Clinton's impeachment was a "right wing conspiracy" and it was JUST lying to cover up something he was embarrassed about? So lying was okay then and now it's terrible. And if it's never been proven that Plame was a covert agent, isn't the whole subject moot anyway?

And back to the DU...

"Yeah, chain of command will get Cheney/Bush. . .
wondering. . .doesn't this conviction make it easy for Madame Pelosi to reconsider and say impeachment investigations are BACK ON THE TABLE?

Or am I jumping the gun here. . .need a criminal case first against Cheney? And which insider is Fitz aiming to pressure next to "spill the beans"? Really nice job, Mr. Fitzgerald. . .and I send you good fortune for the rest of the job. . .ASAP!"

The left was so upset when "Fitzmas" didn't pan out with a Rove indictment, and now they are acting so overjoyed...but what are they so happy about? This case makes no sense to me. Richard Armitage admitted to being the "leak". There is no "leak" to admit to because Plame WAS NOT covert. So, if there would have never been a witch hunt over a "leak" that someone worked a desk at Langley (anyone could have sat outside and seen her drive in everyday) --then Libby would have never lied...

And then, the nerve of Harry Reid to come out and demand that Bush "pledge he won't pardon Libby"?!! Is he for real? Libby's convicted of lying about something that never happened to begin with and now (after Clinton pardoned Marc Rich) they want a no-pardon promise... Good Lord.

Libby is convicted for lying about a crime that was never even committed and Sandy Berger is nowhere to be found…

(Cartoon Credit: Cox & Forkum)

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