Thursday, March 22, 2007

Talk Amongst Yourselves...

...or, an "Open Thread" as other blogs like to call blank posts -oh, who am I kidding, I won't be able to leave it blank...

Here are the things I would have posted about if I wasn't wallowing in some as of yet explained mental funk:

  • In a maybe-'24'-isn't-that-farfetched story: A nuclear gauge containing radioactive material was stolen from a worksite in Philly

  • Sex offender and his parents kidnap, molest and kill a six year old boy

  • CNN doesn't even try to hide "liberal bias"

  • I Miss Iraq, I miss my Gun, I miss my War

  • Pettifog reminds America about the last time we "cut and run".

  • Democrats don't realize what happened last Sunday...

  • Moderate Muslim offers to defend US Airways passengers against CAIR's Imam's lawsuit (at no charge).

  • Oh My Lord.... (Man kills a horse to have sex with it and is then caught having sex with a dead deer...)

  • A Dem connected to Barack Obama did create the Hillary 1984 ad. (I laugh every time spell-check tries to change his name to “Osama”...)

  • RIP: Bred Delp committed suicide last Friday (he grabbed my hand in 1995 when I was front row at a Boston show).

  • RIP: Richard Jeni also committed suicide (one of the few stand up comedians I actually thought was funny...)

    Richard Jeni - "Political Parties" (You guys will love this...actually, I really have no way of knowing that...maybe you have no sense of humor...or a crappy sense of humor and you won't like it at all...truthfully I have no idea what you think is funny...okay, so *I* loved'll have to let me know what you think...)
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