Monday, March 26, 2007

Starbucks' Employee Tirade

I've worked in both the service industry and I am well aware of the fact that most people are annoying as hell and many treat employees of these industries like second class citizens.

I am sure that's what prompted the little tirade a Starbuck's employees posted on Craig's List (and that can now be found on Starbuck's Gossip)

But I have to take serious with #12 on the "list of complaints". It reads:

"12. If you are one of the seriously annoying, mind-bogglingly stupid Change People, it's very likely that I'm restraining the urge to beat you senseless. Especially if you say something like, "I have twenty-four cents, if it helps…" – you are not helping anyone. F+ck you and your exact change. Don’t giggle and tell me how heavy it's making your bag and that you need to get rid of it. How about this: remove your spare change from your bag or pockets daily. Throw it in a change jar. When the jar fills up, cash it in. So simple, anyone can do it!" (Read the full list here)

I always give exact change if it's less than 50 cents. This isn't because I feel like getting rid of my change (that I can always use to park, for my kids' lunch money and school store or for bubble gum machines in the supermarket)...It's because over the course of my life 9,000+ cashiers have said to me "Do you have anything smaller, we're really short on ones". So, I dig through my giant black-hole of a bag to get the exact change to spare you the singles and the fives for all the people that won't have the compulsion to do so! So I AM helping you...and as for a's your tip...put on a freakin' hair net because I'm getting a little sick of paying Starbuck's prices and finding your long artsy-fartsy hair in it...

Then again, maybe I need to explore why this pissed me off so bad...

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