Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Six Packs & Virtual Toasts For Soldiers
(...and Marines, Sailors & Airmen...)

"Six Packs for Soldiers is a "beer-partisan" campaign to thank our troops. We are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who have joined together with a simple mission – we want to buy our soldiers a beer."

Six Packs for Soldiers

"Six Packs for Soldiers is looking for "Virtual Salutes" for our soldiers in the line of fire. The photos below have been submitted by people just like you - feel free to browse through them." (Needless to say, you must be 21 to send a pic)

I think we should all do this. We should pick a day and post the pics with links to everyone else’s -and send the pictures to the site... a virtual Toast our troops day in the blogosphere...

And before someone says it...(this from the site's FAQs)

"Q: When it comes to war, aren't there more important things to be thinking about than beer?

A: Yes, of course, and we are. But it doesn't mean we can't take a break for a moment, and buy a beer for a hero. But by all means, if you want to do more for these returning soldiers, go for it. If you want a great place to start, consider supporting Disabled American Veterans. (we have no connection to them, we just have tremendous respect for what they do)"

This Sunday? Can we spread the word by then? Can blogless people get me their pics and I'll post them? Yea? Nay?

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