Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ron Paul for President...?

Not if I can help it. Sorry, I know a few of you mentioned that he was your man... So, on your recommendations, I checked him out and read a bunch of stuff beyond his voting record --and came to the solid conclusion that I wouldn't vote for him (not that he has a shot of making it to the GE anyway...)

His voting record isn't all that great IMO...he scores way too high with the NEA, SANE and the AFL-CIO for my liking. He's an isolationist -which may appeal to a small number of conservatives...but considered a very dangerous post-9/11 position by many (myself included). ...Not to mention he has multiple columns on Anti-war.com and Conspiracy Planet. Add that to the fact that his people are out there trying to belittle Fred Thompson.

Enough said? Yeah, I think so.

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