Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Reverend Sharpton: Obama Isn't Black Enough?

I'm not going to give the Dems too much grief for eating their own as we are doing the same thing. That's what primaries are about anyway --vetting the candidates...but I'm actually starting to feel bad for Obama (I cure that by looking at his voting record). Like it wasn't bad enough having the Clintonistas poised to draw blood, now he is going to contend with the Black/Civil Rights leadership to prove he's "down with the struggle" (<--Rush's quote)

"ALTHOUGH NOT quite able to pass for white, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has been able to pass for African American. He is biracial, but not white; black, but not African American; American but not African. What has entranced the country more than his somewhat vague policies is Obama's challenge to conventional racial and cultural categories.

Among African Americans, discussions about his racial identity typically vacillate between the ideologically charged options of "black" versus "not black enough" or between "black" and "black, but not like us." (This from a great article in the L.A. Times that is so packed with potential discussion that it could easily prompt a 20 page dissertation)

I'm sure it didn't help Obama's cause with Black Americans that as Al Sharpton found out he was a direct descendant of slaves owned by Strom Thurmond's ancestors...Barack Obama learned that he was from a line of Slave owners (ouch) --We won't even get into what that does to the "reparations" argument... (source)

Sharpton implies that African Americans don't have a representative in the race:

"Civil rights activist Al Sharpton said Monday he is seriously considering a run for president. "I don't hear any reason not to," Sharpton, 52, said in an interview during an urban affairs conference sponsored by another civil rights leader, the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

"If we're talking about the urban agenda, can you tell me anybody else in the field who's representing that right now?" Sharpton asked. "We clearly have a reason to run, and whether we do it or not we'll see over the next couple of months." (source)

There's more about Sharpton's Obama-attack here.

And this comment from Joe Biden seemed to pass under the MSM's radar:

"Obama is, quote, "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy." (source)

And Ann Coulter got grief?! Imagine for just ONE second a Republican had uttered these words...

Right now Sharpton says he's favoring John Edwards and Charlie Rangel is backing Hillary... (Jesse Jackson says he is leaning toward Barack)

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