Thursday, March 08, 2007

Public Office/Private Life?

So, the question today (Prompted, of course, by Guiliani's son basically saying his father had no values) is "Is there a such thing as a "private life" when you hold a public office?"

And should there be? Does the private life of a man or woman tell us more than the lip service their Chief of Staff and speech writers script them to say? If someone says all the right things but has a disaster of a family life, should that have a bearing on the vote? Can someone run a country when they can't keep their own house in order?

What is considered "off limits"?

Nothing as far as I'm concerned. When you run for President you are putting yourself out there as a superior person. Someone that is qualified to make the final decisions for the country and the Armed Forces. All the life decisions you have made thus far should be considered by the electorate. I am a strong believer in actions speaking louder than words. What someone says to me is far less consequential than the things they do.

Do Giuliani’s three marriages bother me (the first being to his 2nd cousin and annulled because the bloodline was too close)? Yes. Do I agree when people say that has nothing to do with running a country? No. For me it illustrates a certain lack of discipline and selfishness...

So I don't go for the "that's my private life" argument. What if a candidate's "private life" includes watching rape videos or smacking his wife around...? My stand is when you enter public life (elected office or even Hollywood), you forgo your "private life".

I want to know the actual person I'm electing as leader of the free world, not just the facade the handlers present. Do you disagree?

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