Monday, March 12, 2007

Props to Representative Obey

For the people that haven't seen the video of Wisconsin Representative David Obey's run-in with an anti-war military mom:

First of all, I have to respect the guy after watching this. You can hear his disgust with this mother... Like he's incredulous that she is saying that her son is on his third tour to Iraq and she wants him to cut off funding in the same breathe... What you insane woman --you want your son to be under-funded while he's a target in a hostile country?! And of course you have to love that an elected Democrat referred to her and her ilk as "idiot liberals".

"We're trying to use the supplemental to end the war ... it's time these idiot liberals understand that," he said. "There's a big difference between funding the troops and ending the war."
Mr. Obey was responding to Tina Richards' question about whether he would oppose the more than $100 billion supplemental spending bill that funds the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
"Absolutely not. I'm the sponsor of it for heaven sakes," he said, later asserting that the supplemental bill "ends the war."
"If that isn't good enough for you, then you're smoking something that ain't legal," Mr. Obey said. (source)

But what really struck me, and what I haven't seen talked about... Is now the medical history of this woman's son is out there for the whole world to know. She's saying he has PTSD and has had suicide attempts and that shrinks are saying it's not PTSD but from childhood problems... how is this kid going to function with his men when he goes back to Iraq now that this is public knowledge. Gee, thanks Mother've made your son's life a helluva lot easier. Spout his psychological problems and ask Congress to send him with no money... brilliant.

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