Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PMRC Reincarnated...And They're After Jack

"I think Jack Bauer is going to be your new daddy..."
"MOM! This is a TV show...Jack Bauer isn't even real."

Imagine that...my elementary school kids know the difference between FICTION and REALITY without the morality squad at the Parent Television Council (PTC) policing the airwaves for them. Back off Jack you horrible PMRC leftovers and turn the damn channel if watching CTU slap around a terrorist is too much for your delicate sensitivities...but keep your shriveled up little fingers off my remote. That's MY job.

"...The guardians of decency are warning about new trouble, with a capital T, which rhymes with V, which stands for violence. The Parents Television Council (PTC), the group at the vanguard of the TV-sex wars, has lately focused on prime-time blood: power-tool torture on 24, serial killing on Criminal Minds, vivisection on Heroes. And the FCC has prepared a draft report suggesting that Congress authorize it to regulate broadcast violence, as it now does obscenity, and possibly force cable companies to let subscribers opt out of paying for channels that run brutal content.

In short, torture is the new sex. Jack Bauer is the new Janet Jackson..." (source)

Why are we bothering to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan when we seem to have an emerging faction right here? Good God these women (yes, I'm sexist and assuming it's a bunch of antiquated battle-axes) need to get a hobby...or a man...or a...

I say, as a tribute to this wonderful group of teetotalers, everyone should go join Blogs for Bauer today...

(Well, so much for sexism, I just checked and...the founder is man, the board of directors are all men and the advisory board is mostly men... I also hang my head in shame as I see that it's mostly right-wingers...including Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medvid...and Billy Ray Cyrus who seems to have morphed into George Michael...)

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