Thursday, March 01, 2007

Others Joining the Call for Fred Thompson '08

I'm going to keep posting about this --and it should elucidate my level of extreme discomfort with the current Presidential contenders... and if the GOP doesn't think I'm serious... the other day I was contemplating hypothetical’s in my head and discovered I would have to seriously consider what my vote would be if it was Clinton vs. Romney... That should NEVER be the case. I should never have to hesitate in a choice where Hillary is involved...

We (Thompson drafters) made it to US News and World Report:

"Can a prosecutor go on to become president? Well, that's what fans of tv prosecutor Arthur Branch, aka former Sen. Fred Thompson, hope. We hear that his buddies are strongly urging him to jump into the already packed gop race. "The draft- Fred movement grows," says one ally, citing several blogs pushing Thompson, who has been feeding his fans with occasional commentary-laced fill-in work for radio's Paul Harvey." (source)

And from The American Spectator:

"...On the eve of the opening of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., it seemed timely. More interesting has been the quick pushback from both the McCain and Romney camps about talk of Thompson perhaps dipping his toe in the presidential campaign pool.

"He's not going to do it, we've been assured of that," says one John McCain adviser in Washington. "Senator McCain thinks the world of Fred Thompson. They are friends. They've talked." But Thompson has not endorsed McCain.

A Mitt Romney adviser says: "We've heard that he isn't interested, but even if he was it wouldn't matter; we're focused on Governor Romney's campaign and getting his message to as many Americans as possible."

According to sources familiar with Thompson's thinking, he is not at this moment looking to enter the race. And while there is talk in the media of a "Draft Fred" movement afoot, Thompson seems to be focused on a bigger picture right now.

"Sure, he's hearing the talk about unhappiness with the current field of candidates," says a Thompson supporter, "but he's just as concerned about how the Republican Party got to this point, and where conservatives can take the party moving forward. He sees a dearth of up and comers out in the statehouses, and he sees a dearth of ideas. If nothing else, I think he wants to get conservatives and the GOP back on track."

It isn't just politicals who are talking up Thompson. According to RNC fundraisers we've spoken with over the past couple of months, Thompson is someone mentioned as a prospective candidate by some West Coast and Southern party money men who would like to see him enter the race..." (source)

To my contact at the RNC: I hope you passed my message along like I asked --I told you it would gain momentum...I told you McCain and Romney would be scared... I told you Thompson could win. Get him in the race!!!!

I'm so serious that in "all my spare time" (<- sarcasm) I'm making a new site...

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