Wednesday, March 07, 2007

On Coulter and Maher

I haven't posted about the heavily reported Ann Coulter and barely touched Bill Maher "controversies" because stories that involve feigned outrage bore the pants of me...and I shouldn't be posting without any pants on.

Since I have received a bunch of emails (mainly from our friends on the left) about how I am "avoiding" the subject --I thought I'd take care of it by posting one of the emails and my reply. I will leave the sender anonymous (they don't normally comment here anyway) as I didn't ask permission to post it (I'll ask for forgiveness once it's up...)

From Lefty Blogger:
Subject: Re: No Mention Of Coulter? hmmmmmm.....
"I see you are staying away from the Coulter controversy. At least in public. But I am curious. I mean I know the excuse is always, "she's being funny" but who thinks that is funny? Except bigots?

The reason I'm not mentioning it on my blog is because I don't want to give her anymore face time. She is irrelevant to me. But she is the face of main stream conservatism. For the younger set anyway. But for how long?

Bush is just about to push your side into the abyss. And Coulter is nothing more than enabler helping to bring on and enlarge this disconnect right wing conservatism is having with the majority of American voters today. That's what I think anyway.

What do you think?"

From: ALa
"Did you post about Bill Maher? Don't you think it's worse to say that someone should have been blown up than call someone a faggot --and if not, there's the problem with this PC world.

I haven't posted about either because I am a TRUE First Amendment supporter and I think both should be able to say whatever the hell they want. Maher actually believes the world would be better without Cheney and Coulter believes that Edwards is a p*ssy (and that's how she meant it --not calling him a homo, but a wussy-man...and do you honestly disagree?). The gays need to toughen up. Ann's no social conservative -she was engaged to the owner of Penthouse for Christ's sake...

I don't use that word, and I don't wish death on people...but it doesn't bother me because neither of them speak for me. All Ann and no Bill --Liberal bias in the MSM...? No! Why would you think that! (<-sarcasm)"

end emails.

No one is really upset by what Ann said. Edwards is a bit girly -the Silky Pony... And no one is really upset by what Maher said -would they expect anything else from him? He has to keep those HBO dollars coming. Enough with the contrived self-righteous indignation.

So there it is.

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