Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Obama Confronts A Pedophile

A known pedophile is supporting Barack Obama (probably because he votes for rehabilitation over incarceration and the death penalty). He posted his endorsement of the one-term Senator and a picture of Obama's family that included his tow little daughters (pictured). Creepy. (I wonder if Barack would be still be against the death penalty or trust rehabilitation should that guy ever get near one of his kids?)

Obama's staff acted with a quickness --telling the man to remove the endorsement...

"...Proud pedophile Lindsay Ashford, who runs Puellula Web site based in Panama, said despite the request from Obama attorney Robert F. Bauer, he is keeping up a link to the senator's presidential campaign site, in part because he considers it a tribute.

"I have no intention of removing references to Senator Obama and his family from my website. Whatever anybody thinks of my opinions, they are not defamatory. If anything, my comments are laudatory. Furthermore, my right to express my opinion is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution," he wrote in a letter to Bauer.

Ashford's response came after Bauer wrote on behalf of Obama ordering the family photo to be removed.

"The image you use on your Web site is used without the express permission of the copyright owner, and constitutes copyright infringement. Your willful and unauthorized copying of this copyrighted picture subjects you to substantial criminal and civil damages and penalties," Bauer wrote.

Bauer also wrote that Obama's family photo on the site leaves a misimpression among those who would read Ashford's blog.

"Pedophilia — sex with under-age children — is illegal in the United States and many countries of the world. Your inclusion of a pictures associated with Senator Obama personally and Obama for America on your website creates two highly misleading and untrue impressions: first, that Senator Obama and/or Obama for America share your views, and second, that Senator Obama and/or Obama for America have authorized or sponsored your site, or are affiliated or associated with you in any way. Your actions are overtly defamatory of Senator Obama and Obama for America, infringe upon the rights of publicity of Senator Obama and his family, and have the potential to cause serious and irremediable harm.

"Your actions are particularly objectionable — if not outright dangerous — because you have included a picture of Senator Obama's young daughters on a site advocating pedophilia with young girls, heightening the risk they face. This is not simply defamatory, but is a criminal act," Bauer wrote in the letter dated Feb. 26. Calls placed to Obama and Bauer's offices were not immediately returned..." (source)

Maybe instead of asking the man to alter his views, he should ask himself why a pervert like this would be so eagerly supporting him?! Just sayin'.

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