Friday, March 16, 2007

Not Really About Cheney...

This is the first paragraph of a post over at Andrew Sullivan's blog... He's wondering of Cheney should resign, but read this:

"His health is rough; he has been the most disastrous vice-president in history; he has lost two wars; he has lost every ally; he is despised in much of the country; he is now going to be the center of all the questions that the Libby guilty verdict raise. Why did he get so exercized about a two-bit critic during a critical time in the Iraq war? Why would he risk losing his most trusted aide by coordinating a media sting on a minor political opponent? Why would he risk committing a crime to pursue Wilson unless he had something very serious to hide? He will now have to answer many questions - either before the press or before the Senate."

We have lost two wars?

Sullivan lost me there... Does he really believe that? I have no idea what the rest of the post was about... Anytime I read something like this I have to kneel down and thank God there wasn't real-time news coverage during WWII or we would all be speaking German...then again, better speaking German than wearing a burqa...

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