Monday, March 05, 2007

"N-Word" Banned in NY

"...New York declared the n-word off limits to all races Wednesday in a purely symbolic resolution prompted by the increasingly casual use of the slur in hip-hop music, comedy and street slang.

"People are using it out of context," said Leroy Comrie, a black city councilman who sponsored the unanimously passed measure. "People are also denigrating themselves by using the word, and disrespecting their history."

New York's resolution is not binding and merely calls on residents to stop using the slur. Leaders of the nation's largest city also hope to set an example." (source)

The only people I know that use the N-word are Blacks (maybe that's different in other parts of the country)...they say it's not the N-word because instead of "er" on the end there's just an "a"... So was this "symbolic legislation" aimed specifically at Blacks? At Rappers and Hip Hop artists? I know it's a word that weighs heavy with a horrible history --and I know this legislation is non-binding --and I would hope that people would refrain from using language like this of their own volition --but this, though small, is another erosion of the First Amendment...

(H/T: Mike Slag)

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