Friday, March 09, 2007

More on the State/School Imposed Health Craze...

Not only was it the "organic" baby food (Earth's Best), sold at hoity-toity health food supermarkets, that were contaminated with botulism...but now some scientists are linking the organic fad with the every-growing child allergy epidemic.

"...Parental trust in organic food could be a reason more children are suffering from allergies, an academic has suggested.

Jonathan O'B Hourihane, a professor of pediatrics, told peers yesterday that nearly half the population is now prone to allergies. But while many follow the accepted advice to eat a varied and fresh diet, it is the sheer variety of fresh foods now available that may be to blame for the prevalence of allergies.

"The impression that organic or exotic fresh food is better for children may by linked to the appearance of allergies to foods that would have appeared bizarre to previous generations," Prof O'B Hourihane said.

Milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat are to blame for 90 per cent of allergic reactions. But the diet of Britons has changed dramatically since the 1970s when foods such as kiwi fruits and avocados were viewed as treats." (source)

And then there's this article about all the 'nanny state' legislation California is looking to pass... (Restriction of trans fats, Nutritional information on menus, Smoking bans, Phasing out incandescent bulbs, Banning harsh spanking, Fines for failure to neuter pets, and Savings accounts for newborns)

Speaking of the current "health craze" My Sensei had a great article in the last newsletter... Here's the gist of it:

"It is interesting to note as we are putting more restrictions on food, schools are eliminating recess and physical education requirements to make more time for academics. This is happening even as studies have shown that students who have physical activity breaks do better, are more attentive in school and score higher on tests."

A child should never have to worry about what they eat. We never did. We ate whatever we wanted and were skinny as rails because we had gym everyday in school, ran around playing tag at recess and played outside from dawn 'til dusk at home. We were kids and we 9imagine this) were allowed to act like kids...

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