Monday, March 26, 2007

The Mommy Wars...Reignited...

(For "Named One")

"Children who spend a lot of time in nursery are more likely to be aggressive and disobedient throughout primary school - no matter how excellent the nursery, according to study published today.

Primary school teachers are more likely to say that such children - even at the age of 11 - are still "getting into fights" or "arguing a lot".

The findings, from a continuing study of nearly 1,400 children, reignite the debate about whether working women damage their children's health by putting them into nurseries too young. They also provide ammunition to those who accuse the Government of pressurising mothers back to work too early to reduce the benefits bill..." (source)

Mommy-Wars and Feminism aside --and from a purely practical viewpoint:
I do believe that daycare is often times a necessity for struggling families and single moms, but I also believe the results of this study are common sense. If you have 24 kids and 3 teachers...your kid is likely to get lost in the chaos. And obviously no one cares about your kid the way you do. They won't cuddle them when they get hurt like you do. Put their forehead against theirs when they're scared. Let them nap on their laps when they're sleepy... It just mathematical. They can't be everywhere at once. Can't be there for every kid. And if your kid is the annoying kid, the bratty hitting kid, the whining kid or the always-snotty me, that kid is alone most of the day...

When thinking about daycare being good or bad for kids --think about the stories the teachers you know tell at the dinner table. How most of the kids annoy them and there are usually only 3 or 4 per class that they really like... I'm not blaming the's not really human nature to truly nurture another's offspring.

My title is sarcastic BTW...I didn't really want to reignite the Mommy Wars...I just thought it was amusing I came across that article a few days after the SAHM vs. WM debate of last week.

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