Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Jesus Wants You to Vote White"

That's the mayorial campaign slogan of Jesus White. A Black homeless man who is running for Mayor here in Philadelphia.

Now, if you non-Philadelphians want a glimpse into the standing of the Republican party here in the City of Brotherly Love...this story is it. This homeless guy (he says "in between housing") collected 2,000 signatures that allowed him to enter the race. The Republican, Al Taubenberger, only had 3,000 signatures. The homeless man with no money and no ad campaign or dead tree ink had only 1,000 less people sign for him. Amazing.

"...His first name is Jesus, he's been living in temporary housing, and he's running for mayor with an interesting slogan for an African-American: "Vote White."

The newest candidate for mayor, Jesus White, 56, was raised in North Philadelphia and Louisiana, and he wants to use the mayor's office as a pulpit to bring religion into more people's lives.

"Only what you do for Christ will last," White said in a street corner interview yesterday, a day after submitting 2,000 signatures to city election officials.

He hopes to get onto the May 15 primary ballot, which may feature as many as seven Democratic mayoral candidates.

But don't call him "homeless." "I would describe myself as in between housing," White said. (source)

I have to say I'm kinda liking this guy. He kinda rules...and could he be any worse than any other Philadelphia mayor...? ;)

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