Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hillary's "Southern" (?) Accent

Okay, so being honest and not a bit facetious... I don't know if Hillary was trying to pull off a Southern accent or Black thing. Whatever it was, it was BAD. I can do a better southern accent and I didn't live in Arkansas 8+ years.

I heard a bunch of talking heads saying that [she tried it and it didn’t work, so her people won’t let her do it again]. But, apparently her speech in Selma wasn't the first time she tried to cloak her inner Yankee...

I found this (and on a Hillary-Supporter site):
"...So here's my dilemma. I love Hillary Clinton. I just want her to be president in the worst way, partly because of what a slap-down it would be for most of my neighbors. I want her to be viable.

But last week when I was on my Exercycle watching her give a speech at the Ann Richards memorial service in Austin, I had to turn off my TV at least four times. Hillary was doing something that just shouldn't be done. It must not be done. It cannot be done.

She was trying to talk Texas. She said "git." I'm sorry. You can't say "git" if you're a Yankee. "Git" is Texas property. Yankees do not say "git." Ever. The only reason for Hillary Clinton to say "git" is if she's trying to do a Texas accent or a country accent or some kind of down-home thing, the very thought of which makes me want to hit myself in the head with a hammer to make it go away." (source)

So this begs the question -Do Presidential campaigns feel one needs a Southern accent to win the Presidency in this country?

Here's another interesting bit of the speech that didn't get much play because of the accent thing...

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