Thursday, March 29, 2007

Higher Education Cracks Down on Applicants

Every once in a while I post about something that I have yet to form an opinion about...this is one of those occasions...

New "discipline" questions found or to be found on college/university applications (source):

"The Applicant Discipline Question for next year will be as follows:

1. Have you ever been found responsible for a disciplinary violation at an educational institution you have attended from 9th grade forward (or the international equivalent), whether related to academic misconduct or behavioral misconduct, that resulted in your probation, suspension, removal, dismissal or expulsion from the institution? YES / NO

2. Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or other crime? YES / NO

If you answered yes to either or both questions, please attach a separate sheet of paper that gives the approximate date of each incident and explains the circumstances.

I authorize all secondary schools I've attended to release all requested records and authorize review of my application for the admission process indicated on this form. [student signature]"

I understand that the commission of crime on college campuses (and new laws holding the schools responsible for these acts) has prompted the administrations to take a keener interest in who they are I get the misdemeanor/felony part. But ALL disciplinary action from 9th grade on?

There are two things I would have had to list. I was suspended twice in high school. Once for "smelling like smoke" (remember, I went to a private Christian school), but here's the kicker...I didn't smoke at the time. My boyfriend smoked and drove me to school everyday. The second time was for forging my mom's name on a progress report. Now, before you suck in your breath, the grade on the PG was a 93%. It wasn't that I didn't want to show it to her, it was that I forgot (why do you need to get an 'A' signed anyway?) So I forged her name, got snagged for "lying" and had an in-school suspension where the office women made me do all their paperwork for the day...

Would that have hurt my chances at admission to University...or decreases the scholarship money I got? I don't know...

What would you have had to list?

(Photo: Actually is me walking into "the office" of my H.S. in 11th or 12th grade...)

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