Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hasta Luego Vicente Fox, Hola Felipe Calderon

Former Mexican el Presidente, Vicente Fox, acted like a friend to the US...he wasn't. How dare a President that can't find a way to create jobs, raise the standard of living and keep people in his own country demand that a neighboring country shoulder his fleeing people and their financial burden without protest?

The new President, Felipe Calderon, (it seems) is starting out with a better message. A rare one of responsibility --of Mexico, not the US. How refreshing (and hopefully not just lip service)...

"Mexican President Felipe Calderon won't be fighting for migration reform when he meets with President Bush next week. Instead, he will be spelling out what he intends to do to keep Mexicans at home.

Calderon, who was inaugurated on Dec. 1, has pledged to take 100 actions in his first 100 days in office, many of which represent the first steps toward "curing" Mexico's long tradition of illegal migration to the U.S.

If implemented, his proposals could help transform Mexico from a labor-exporting country with relatively low growth, productivity and wages into an investment-rich, job-producing economy with better living standards for its 107 million people, nearly half of whom still live in poverty.

"We are laying the foundation for a more just, healthy society with better and more equal opportunities for all," he said.

Even a modicum of success for Calderon would improve on the record of his predecessor Vicente Fox, who failed to persuade the United States to accept Mexican guest workers and also could not put in place proposed reforms.

Like Fox, Calderon faces powerful Mexican monopolies and oligopolies, union leaders and old-school politicians who have resisted changes to a system that concentrates power and wealth in a small number of hands and blocks attempts to improve competition, lower consumer prices and open the job market to more people.

Unlike Fox, Calderon has shown he can rally lawmakers and others behind his plans: Congress unanimously passed his 2007 federal budget and he has united state governments behind a nationwide crackdown on drug trafficking." (source)

Let's hope his vision is brought to fruition.

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