Friday, March 16, 2007

GPS Implants and Rape Trees

Being able to see the "Google Searches" that bring people to your site can be an insight into what people are most concerned about... Aside from the inevitable "blonde doing black guy" searches (how do I keep getting those?!), there are two things that consistently bring people to this site:

  • GPS Implants for Kids (I wrote this post over two years ago and I still get an average of 15 people a day looking for information on that)

    It's no surprise to me that people (most likely parents) are looking for GPS information. As the abduction/rape stories of children continue to dominate the news, coupled with judges that are handing out probation for these heinous crimes, parents feel they need to be more proactive in their child's safety. I can't understand why a company hasn't offered this yet...I would gladly pay top dollar for this technology as would many other parents.
    Law enforcement always emphasizes how crucial those first couple of hours after abduction are...and if they can locate a car equipped with LoJack in less than 30 minutes, why can't we do the same for our kids? Among countless other victim of violent pedophiles, Jessica Lunsford would still be alive today. There are a few GPS products like watches and phones, but these are more for parents to keep track of teens --we need an implant that would-be sex offenders can't take off of them.

  • Rape Trees on the Mexican Border (The search for this story -done a year ago- continues to grow as the immigration debate rages on)

    You MUST watch this video shot by the Minutemen. Nothing I've seen thus far has brought home the reality and destruction of illegal immigration like this footage. I said that feminists should be railing against illegal immigration because of the rape trees (shown in video) and after seeing this I can't believe that environmentalists aren't joining the Minutemen...Absolutely unbelievable...

    Combine this video with the fact that illegals are now credited with bringing 3rd world diseases into the U.S.
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