Monday, March 19, 2007

Gathering Of Eagles VS. The Moonbats

The big anti-war march on the pentagon was this past Saturday... Pat and I were going to go and attempt to catch the psychosis on film. Alas, the Philly ice and film editing snags sabotaged that ambition.

There are some GREAT photo-journals of the day though...

Tantor has one. (Gotta love the "Support our Deserters" signs...*sigh*)...and more here.

CWO (a Freeper I believe) has a great pictorial of the event (make sure to keep scrolling for all the pics) The above picture is one of his --look at the flags on both sides...that pretty much says it all.

Favorite Sign:
"al Qaeda Sympathizers on Parade"

Favorite Picture:
"Hippies Smell" (I believe those are actually the Anarchists, but funny none the less..)

There is an entire page dedicated to the day at Free Republic

I am so glad to see that despite the weather so many Veterans and troop supporters made their love of this country and those that served it known...

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