Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Evangelicals and Homosexuals

My high school (which was dubbed "non-denominational", but would definitely be considered 'evangelical') taught that "all sins were equal in God's eyes" and I have always found that very hard to believe. I guess the theory goes that Jesus' blood blocks the sin from God -so he doesn't see any of it. But, that's always bothered me... you can rape a child or steal a pen from work and it's all the same?

Anyway, I was thinking about that...and how many evangelicals believe the "sins are sins" theory and wondering how that fits into the homosexual/gay choice or not debate...

If a sin is a sin...should we ostracize liars? Ridicule those that disrespect their parents or take the Lord's name in vain? Should you picket someone because they have a Buddha statue they chant in front of?

What I've always wanted to ask someone like Jerry Falwell (following the evangelical line of thinking): If you truly believe in "pre-destination", then maybe homosexuals were born homosexual (not a choice) and they just aren't pre-destined to go to Heaven... and if that's the case, why torture them here on earth too --if there's nothing they can do about it...

This is a tough subject for many Christians. The Bible does say that homosexuality is wrong (and not just in the Old Testament), but also makes it clear that we have no business judging others. To be honest, it would be easier if I believed homosexuality was a choice, but I don't.

I'm just wondering why this is the sin that gets so much pulpit time...because it's the most visible?

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