Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Employee Free Choice Act: How Did I Miss This?!!

The "Employee Free Choice Act" which makes it so votes for or against unionizing a company are no longer private... So now you have to vote "no" with Bruno glaring at you from the corner while he caresses his knuckles?

The AFL-CIO site has a survey meant to justify this blatantly legislated intimidation--it says 60 million people in America wish they could be in a union. Of course the company that did the study, Peter D. Hart Research Associates, isn't biased at all... I mean look at the diversity in their other clients listed on the site:

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Democratic National Committee
EMILY's List
Indiana Democratic Party (source)

Here are the Representatives that voted for this ridiculous bill. The AFL-CIO is touting this as a "bi-partisan". That's bull -only four Republicans voted for it and they are the Reps from Jersey and NY that would have found themselves with a nice pair of concrete boots had they voted any differently...

"The so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” provides employees anything but free choice. Rather, it strips them of a fundamental right – the right to a private vote – most Americans are so accustomed to, they sometimes take it for granted. The flaws of this undemocratic legislation are nearly countless, but below are just the top ten ways the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” undermines democracy and workers’ rights..." (Read the Rest)

NO ONE should ever have to unionize against their will. If you want to work in a Union shop...quit your job and join the union. What, they weren't getting enough people to turn so they can't look in the mirror and assume people don't want to pay steep union dues, spend their days picketing for 10% of their pay and sitting in the Union hall when there's no work...it has to be intimidation from the other side?

What these people don't understand is when a mid-size to small shop unionizes, the Union brings in their own people -farms out the current employees and squeezes out the owner that spent his life and savings building that shop. Not to mention the fact that if the employees knew what was best to run a business they wouldn't be working for someone else...

I wrote a letter to General Wesley Clark back in early 2004 and asked him to come to Philly and ride around to a few jobs with The Man. I figured if he said that he "supported the unions" he should see first hand what they are really about. He should be in the truck being harassed and followed from jobs, he should help The Man change slashed tires and witness requests for cash payouts so permits get through when they learn his shop is independent. Needless to say, I received no reply.

Labor Unions are the embodiment of ALL that is wrong in this country --the victim mentality, the laziness and the thought you should be guaranteed top dollar for minimal and mediocre work... This "Act" is a disgrace.

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