Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Coming This September: "Marry Your Baby Daddy Day"

It's for real...and a sign of the times I guess:

Marry Your Baby Daddy Day

Yup, you read it right.

The Issue:
"Father absence is the bane of the black community, predisposing its children (boys especially, but increasingly girls as well) to school failure, criminal behavior and economic hardship, and to an intergenerational repetition of the grim cycle. The culprit, the ministers (led by the Rev. Eugene Rivers III of Boston, president of the Seymour Institute) agreed, is the decline of marriage." (source)

The Solution(?):
"...Marry Your Baby Daddy Day is an effort to strengthen 2-parent homes and promote
marriage and family values. It's an invitation to couples who already live together and want to jump the broom in the name of love and their community.

We always hear about "baby mama drama" but we rarely, if ever, hear about those who actually love the mother/father of their children..." (source)

I guess I just don't quite get why people that already "love the mother/father of their children" need to be told to marry them and prompted into doing so with a "Marry Your Baby Daddy Day" --shouldn't the movement be targeting the serial baby-daddies and the more-than-one-havin' baby daddy mammas? And trust me, even though this particular website seems to be geared at this problem in the Black community, when you live in a big city you clearly see this isn't a trend that’s skin color specific...

(H/T: AFSister)

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