Monday, March 12, 2007

Captain America's Death A Bush Indictment?

Marvel has killed off Captain America. He was killed by a sniper's shot to the neck.

A post over at Huffington says that it was "George Bush's America" that killed the superhero:

"Comic book super-heroes like Captain America and his DC counterpart Superman have represented a time in American history where the government fought as tirelessly for the basic rights and freedoms that the American way espouses as hard as these pop-culture mirrors did. But in recent years America has lost its stomach for standing up for these things. From torturing prisoners and killing civilians to warrantless wiretaps and invasion of privacy rights, the real American government led by the Bush Administration, has abandoned the ideals America traditionally represents." (source)

And at first I was pissed (I'm a huge Marvel comics geek). I decided to check out marvel's site...this is what is posted:
"...Captain America was often a controversial figure, known for refusing to go along with the status quo and pointing out political corruption that sometimes went to the highest levels of the government. Rogers often said that he didn't represent the government, but instead represented the ideals of the American Dream, and was known for quoting the founders, from Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Paine, when giving speeches. He was a member of no political party and refused to take any side in partisan debates.

Services will be held at Arlington National Cemetery, where in spite of the recent controversy, he will receive full military honors, and memorials are scheduled around the country throughout the month. President Bush has declared this Saturday's funeral for Rogers as a National Day of Mourning." (source)

So I decided, who is some 25 year old little lefty to decide why Captain America met his demise? What does he know about championing America? Captain America was a jingoist...a sentiment the left deplores. I think his death symbolizes the left's betrayal of their own country, their constant desire for appeasement and their defense of those that would destroy us...

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