Thursday, March 15, 2007

Buy Expensive Gifts for Teachers!

OMG. My first day of substitute teaching was yesterday, and suffice it to say I never want to go back...actually I called The Man and asked if it would be in poor taste if I snuck away at lunch and never went back. That being said, I'll probably get called back in today I got called back in for the same class today.

It was first grade and they were HORRIBLE. One kid went so far as to inform me that I "was not his mother, and his mother said he could [do whatever it was he was doing] and he listened to her and not me".

I used all the little tricks they tell you will work --none of them did. I am aware that my inexperience played a role in the debacle, but good God people...your children are evil little monsters and you should go buy their teachers a Lexus or something. There is NO amount of money worth that hell…certainly not $100 a day…

I would also like to note that I send my children to school bathed, teeth brushed and mouth-washed, hair combed, fingernails cut and in clean clothes. I am anal about it because I know that no one wants to be around a dirty little germy kid. I think I am the only one. Long dirty fingernails....bed head...dirty ill-fitting clothes...smelly "kid-sweat" heads. Ugh. I don't even have OCD and I was skeeved.

My mom says that subbing to decide if you want to teach is like burning yourself to see if you want to be a fireman and maybe she's right...but in just one day I want to give a trophy and cash prize to ever teacher out there. You guys must have infinite patience...

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